Can I infect myself or others with laryngeal papillomatosis?

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Author: San Giorgi, MRM - Latest update: 26-04-2021

Laryngeal papillomatosis is caused by one of two viruses, HPV6 or HPV11. In addition to the virus, a patient must have a very rare immune system disorder to contract laryngeal papillomatosis. HPV6 and HPV11 can be passed on to someone else, but the chances of this person also getting laryngeal papillomatosis are very small, because they are very unlikely to have the immune system disorder. The chances of infecting your physician with the disease are also very small.

Theoretically, HPV6 and HPV11 induced papillomas could also cause genital warts in yourself or others, however no case of this happening has ever been scientifically proven or documented.

HPV6 and HPV11 do not cause genital cancer. Genital cancer is caused by other viruses and these viruses do not cause laryngeal papillomatosis.